Tower in the Sky: Tactics Edition Lands On Steam

Tower in the Sky: Tactics Edition, a  minimalist lane-based strategy game from developers Three Brothers Games, has landed on Steam, with the game getting a new trailer to coincide with the release. In the game, players can build the ideal squad from a dozen different playable heroes, and place your champions across four different combat lanes – each filled with invading enemies of all shapes and sizes.

All of the characters have unique stats and abilities – and they can be equipped with a huge variety of weapons, items, and collectible T-shirts. Killing enemies gives your characters crystals that can be used to buy upgrades from a Skill Tree – making them even more effective in combat. Speaking about the game, Cosmos Corbin, Co-Founder & Art/Sound Designer at Three Brothers Games said:

My brother and I have always enjoyed playing tower defense games like Plants vs. Zombies, but we felt they were too casual and didn’t require enough strategy. Tower in the Sky: Tactics Edition is our answer: a streamlined strategy game where tactical thinking and team management are crucial if you intend to see the story to its conclusion.

Tower in the Sky: Tactics Edition is set to have a number of features, including:

  • Battle and strategize against a variety of enemy types.
  • Build an effective party by choosing from a dozen playable characters – each with unique stats and abilities.
  • Customize your team with tons of weapons, items, and collectible T-shirts.
  • Encounter a whimsical cast of characters in a cross-genre story that spans thousands of years.
  • Enjoy up to 10 hours of play in the main campaign.
  • Unlock plenty of additional metagame end content along with a challenging New Game+ mode.

Eden Corbin, Co-Founder & Lead Coder at Three Brothers Games, also spoke about the development of Tower in the Sky: Tactics Edition, saying:

While we wanted the emphasis to be on the strategy (hence the vector art), we also didn’t want to take ourselves too seriously. So we hired a professional comedian to help us write the NPC dialogue, which provides some humor and personality to help bring the world to life. Now players have a serious strategy game that gives their brains a workout while offering some hearty laughs along the way.

You can find the game on Steam here.


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