Exo One Gets Kickstarter Campaign, Reveal Trailer

Indie game studio Exbleative has launched the Kickstarter campaign for their Sci-Fi Exploration game Exo One, and has released a reveal trailer to coincide with the campaign launch. The trailer shows off the gameplay that players will be able to expect once the game is released.

Exo One is a momentum-based exoplanetary exploration game where you pilot an alien craft capable of manipulating the laws of gravity, on mankind’s first, ill-fated mission outside the solar system. The game is set to have a number of features upon release, including:

  • An array of unique, open worlds to explore, from traditional terrestrial planets to water worlds to gas giants
  • Pilot a probe featuring multiple movement modes. Rolling, sliding, gliding/flying, with control over gravity and anti gravity.
  • Use these movement modes to build momentum, slide down dunes and catapult off hill tops.
  • Glide and surf through clouds, and catch thermals that lift you high into alien atmospheres.
  • Drop beneath the waves of boiling oceans under the glow of distant suns.
  • Wind down and travel at your own pace. There are no challenges, wars or enemies.
  • A minimalist yet mysterious narrative tells the story of man’s first, ill fated mission outside the solar system.

The games story is told partly through the player’s strange encounters on the surfaces of each exoplanet, and partly through a future-historian, who delivers smooth voice-over narration interspersed throughout the game. The game also features fully 3D, procedurally generated planets as the star feature of the game. Each planet consists of several biomes, mixed together to create subtle, but endless variation. Many planets also contain ‘feature’ locations that are placed by hand among the procedurally generated terrain.

So far, Exo One doesn’t have a set release date, as the game is still early in development; the Kickstarter for the game officially ends on May 31, earlier should it be completely funded by then. You can find the game on Kickstarter here.


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