The Sexy Brutale: Full House Edition Released On PlayStation 4

The Sexy Brutale has gotten its Full House Edition, the PlayStation 4 exclusive version which brings a host of new features to the 3D Puzzle & Adventure game. Developers Tequila Works have also released a new trailer for the Full House Edition to showcase exactly what’s being brought to the game. You can check out the new trailer below.

The Sexy Brutale Tequila Works RIME Steam PlayStation 4 PC Interview

While The Sexy Brutale: Full House Edition has a number of features on top of the base game, the main additions to on top of other releases are a CD with the games soundtrack and an exclusive full color manual. According to reports, however, the first number of copies shipped included an error in the manual, something which Tequila Works have said that they are actively working to remedy.

The Sexy Brutale is set to have a number of features, including:

  • Never ending “Groundhog Day” looping time gameplay, creating a unique way for players to freely engage
    with concurrent stories
  • Spy, eavesdrop and hide in order to learn each individual narrative playing out across the mansion. – Intriguing murder mystery puzzles to be solved through investigation and deduction.
  • The mansion forms a fully interlocked “clockwork” world that ultimately tells one grand, twisting story
  • A colorful and varied cast of characters and a stylish art direction make it a unique-looking game.

The Sexy Brutale’s exploration mechanics, stunning characters and environments have captivated both gamers and press alike since its digital release. Set in a grand casino mansion of the same name – where a series of horrifying murders are taking place during the annual masked ball – the game invites players to take on the role of elderly priest Lafcadio Boone, who must spy on guests and staff to solve (and prevent!) their murders before the clock strikes midnight. The game is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, although the Full House Edition is only available for PlayStation 4. You can check out our interview with Tequila Works about the game here.


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