Blizzard Raises Hearthstone’s Pack Prices & Players Aren’t Happy

Blizzard Raises Hearthstone’s Pack Prices & Players Aren’t Happy
Players have reacted angrily to Blizzard raising the price of Hearthstone’s card packs.

Blizzard has announced that it is raising the prices of cards in many African, European and Middle Eastern countries in Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft, and naturally players haven’t been happy with the price increases. Explaining the price increases, Blizzard wrote on their website:

“We regularly look at our pricing around the world, and from time to time we make changes such as these to align with local and regional market conditions. The price of the Un’Goro prelaunch bundle offer will not be affected by this change and will remain the same until launch.”

Under the new pricing, players in places like the U.K. will be paying more than 50 cents more for the same amount of cards. The new prices for Hearthstone’s card packs are:


  • 2 Packs – €2.99
  • 7 Packs – €9.99
  • 15 Packs – €19.99
  • 40 Packs – €49.99
  • 60 Packs – €69.99
  • Adventure Wing – €6.99
  • Arena Ticket – €1.99


  • 2 Packs – £2.99
  • 7 Packs – £8.99
  • 15 Packs – £16.99
  • 40 Packs – £44.99
  • 60 Packs – £59.99
  • Adventure Wing – £6.99
  • Arena Ticket – £1.99

Although Hearthstone’s price increases aren’t set to take effect until March 22, players have already responded with anger, with many saying that they were confused about why the company would increase pack prices. Players have also noted that new players are already looking at somewhat steep prices when starting the game, compared to other entries in the genre. Summing up most player reactions, Reddit user Catch_2 wrote:

“I’m absolutely baffled that they think this is a good move. In a game which the cost of entry is super high for new players, they also decide to piss off their core fanbase. It’s like 101 of how to sink your game, odd coming from a seasoned company like Blizzard.”

The move comes not long after the company decided to remove Adventures – one of the most beloved annual events in the game – and replace it with  the now tri-annual expansions, which include more than 100 new cards for purchase, but no promise that players will be able to collect them all. That was also met with heavy criticism, with one Reddit user saying:

“The removal of adventures smacked of greed due to the obvious financial benefits of releasing a card xpac over a one time purchase, now on top of this they raise the price of cards.”


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