Retro Sci-Fi Shooter Dystoria Gets Release Date, New Trailer

Dystoria, a 360 degree Axis Shifting Space Shooter with core mechanics to fly at speed in any direction, on the surface geometry of each level, in a true 3D space, gotten a release date on Steam. The twist is your ship can only shoot ahead, no matter in what direction you’re facing or level you are stationed.

Navigate the precise and correct route to apprehend and destroy the enemy and collect precious orbs is made even more challenging whilst understanding the geographic route, plus taking in and understanding many other intriguing game features. You can check out the newest trailer for the game below.

The game features unrelenting and natural progression, starting easy and becoming more complex as you progress, each level varying in size, but each ending with a satisfying climax, adds to the challenge and focus of Dystoria. The game features moving platforms, switches for doors, triggers that change level geometry, deadly moving lasers to avoid, destructible blocks to blow up (often revealing hidden areas of valuable pickups) and much, much more. Speaking about the game, developers Tri-Coastal Games have said:

Due to the nature of the game’s 3D navigation, Dystoria brings on the exhilarating feeling of vertigo, thusly becoming mind-bending. Some players will take a while to get used to how to do this. Your mind needs to think in a unusual way, but it becomes easier the more you do it, which is a very rewarding experience.

The game not only includes a wealth of enemies, both stationary and moving, great vector presentation, supplemented with some cool art, slick controls including gamepad. Its pick-up and play ethos will allow for instant and challenging gameplay. The music is inspired by 80s Arcade games that had a persistent soundtrack during gameplay and adds to a full and wholesome journey into deep space.

Daryl Wilson of Tri-Coastal Games also spoke about the game, saying:

Dystoria has been inspired by 80s movies and games along with titles like Tron, Descent, Star Wars, Super Mario Galaxy, and we are intent on offering an exhilarating experience, both visually and audibly. Already we are pleased to hear the media say in positive terms they can’t think of any game out there – like this!


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