Azure Saga: Pathfinder Hits Steam Greenlight

MassHive Media, an indie game studio from Indonesia, is taking their new game Azure Saga: Pathfinder to PC market through Steam Greenlight Azure Saga: Pathfinder is a unique story driven Tactical Turn-Based RPG with a mixture of sci-fi and medieval fantasy theme, visualized in a stunning 2.5D isometric drawn world. Players will act as Synch, the son of a scientist, and his droid assistant.

They find themselves shot down and stranded in an unknown planet as they’re heading to get Synch’s father. New friendships, political intrigue, and war unintentionally involved during their journey to find their way back home. The story itself will be told in visual novel based storytelling.  Although there are many inspiration coming from Star Ocean and Breath of Fire series, Legend of Legaia, a classic PlayStation-era strategy game, stood up becoming the most influential for the game. Azure Saga: Pathfinder adapts the battle system where player can combine character skills with each other in various different combos, creating a unique effects and animation depending on who the player has paired up.

Players are encouraged to try different combination of skills to explore and unleash powerful skills that can assist them in fights. Andika Pradana, co-founder and Creative Director of MassHive Media, spoke about the Steam Greenlight release, saying:

Azure Saga: Pathfinder is Legend of Legaia for new generation of gamers. We want to expand and revitalize the JRPG concept of skill exploration within a single character into a teamwork and party composition. Fans of old-school RPG will definitely found some fresh air from Azure Saga: Pathfinder.”

The game is set to have a number of features, including:

  • High quality Visual Novel Illustrations
  • Classic rendered 2.5D isometric world with a tons of puzzle
  • Epic Orchestrated background music
  • More than 45+ unlockable combination skills
  • Equipment socket and gem system with a various effects for power-ups
  • Tons of Side Quest and Class Transfer Quest system

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